Internship choice transparent, in the ASEAN
Internationalization has become a standard for the quality of higher education

Join our mission to make internship search transparent for ASEAN

Every year, we change the lives of international students. We enable them to explore all their internship options in one place and to find the right placement that matches their needs, goals, and preferences. In order to succeed in this mission, we work with universities, business schools, and instituations who are eager to internationalize their campuses, curicula and to deliver global ready graduates.

Education and work continues to reach a broad, global scale; and more students are keen to study and intern in Asia that ever before. Bring your students to where international and local prospective businesses are searching for their next hire. Ensure that your institution shines and gets renowded for delivering graduates that are internationally ready. A portal where students can discover the amazing opportunities, and choose for the right one for themselves.

For a bit of context on how Indotrainee works: students create a profile, businesses post a job to a specific set of students, and only students who are "qualified" for specific job can see the jobs and apply for them. Historically, students were always the one to pay the bill for this service and when search online they use to land commercial mediation offices of whom offer is fragmented, not transparent and require high fee upfront.

That is why we started Indotrainee: approved employers can search through student profiles across over all partner universities, filtering students by major, skills, interests, hobbies, and more and immediately receive applicants who fit their need. Multinationals, local, enterprices, SME's and startup's have joined Indotrainee offering great internship opportunities, professional assignments and fresh grad jobs.

Join us and let's talk about how we can help you meeting your targets to help students finding international internship. Apart from the matching with employers, we take care of the compliance (required visa) safety (student intakes information) and support pre departure and incountry - finding accommodation, student community and getting arround.