Our Story & Mission

Everyone remembers the excitement of landing their first job experience, but unfortunately for most, the journey to finding it was not an easy one. Especially for internships in a globalized world, where the need for "international readiness" has become crucial. Finding your way through the web of commercial mediation offices that are not transparent, not even speak of reaching out to companies directly. Internships are not yet commonly “valued” as opportunity for student and company.

Since day one, we've set out to change that, starting in Indonesia. We feel strongly that opportunity belongs to all, and that under the right circumstances it is a win-win for both company and student and recent grad. We believe that an individual should never be limited by their economic status or who you know and that choice of internship should be transparent globally.

Our team is inspired by our clients ambitions and dedicated to take away both administrative and cultural barriers to make any internship program beneficial for companies and good learning experience for students.

Meet the Team

Floris Graziosi

CEO - Founder


Arinta Larasati-Soeradhiningrat

Co-Founder & HR Manager

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Manfred Ekblad



Hendri Augustine Sugiarto


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Auora Assa

Marketing & Project Manager

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Zeni Muharom

Web Developer


Gian Permana

Web Developer

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