Visa Information for international students to do internships in Indonesia

Limited Stay Visit Visa

for doing an internship in a private company or organization If you're an international student you'll need the Limited Stay Visit Visa (Single entry) with the authorization from Director General Immigration to do an internship in a private company or organization in Indonesia. This visa is used specifically by people like you who are enrolled students and ready to begin their internship abroad adventure in Indonesia

How much time will it take to get my visa?

Be sure to allow extra time for your visa application. Immediately after you've been accepted by the internship company of your choice, you can already start gathering the documents needed for your application for the Indonesian Social-Cultural Visa. The application process at the Indonesian embassy can take up-to 4-5 workdays (excluding holidays). Before you can start your application your internship company needs to request for approval from the Director General Immigration in Jakarta (this takes approximately 10 workdays excluding holidays). This is processing time counted from the moment all documents are prepared and completed. Indotrainee will liaise to ensure you will receive everything you need on-time. Ideally you apply at least 3 months before your internship starts but this is not a formal requirement.

Main steps to take for the Indonesian Social Cultural visa

Here is what non-Indonesian students have to do to get a Social-Cultural Visa that will allow them to do an internship in Indonesia:

  • Submit a scanned copy (so not a picture) of your passport both front cover page (book) and personal data page and your address and contact information to Indotrainee;
  • Submit a copy of your last 3-months bank transfer history indicating a balance of at least 1400 USD (or equal value in other currency);
  • Submit a copy of your ticket (in and out) to Indotrainee; immigration does require a booked plane ticket, in and out or a reservation of the ticket if you students are not sure what date you will fly to Indonesia;
  • You will receive a telex from the Indonesian immigration service once approval was granted to your internship company (this can take up to 10 work days);
  • Be sure to obtain an enrollment letter from your university or faculty that confirms that you are an active student there;
  • Also submit your online visa application through the Indonesian embassy’s website. Then, schedule an appointment at the Indonesian embassy in your home country to submit your passport, enrollment letter and telex. You will need to bring your ticket to inform the embassy when you will exit Indonesia again.
The Social Cultural Visit Visa from Indonesia is valid for the duration of 60 days and this can be extended another 4 times with additional 30 days at the immigration office in Jakarta so you can stay during your entire internship period (4-6 months).

If you want to travel outside Indonesia during your internship stay you can request a single exit-permit at the local immigration office in Jakarta. If you want to stay in Indonesia after your internship period is over, you will have to apply for a different visa, either by traveling outside Indonesia or a visa renewal procedure through any near Indonesian embassy outside Indonesia

  • Pre Approval request
  • Visa application
  • Collection of Visa

Checklist requirement’s for a successful application

  • A valid National Passport with minimum validity of 6 (six) months at moment of entry to Indonesia
  • Visa application form must be fully completed and sign in the corresponding blanks
  • A copy of your last 3-months bank transfer history indicating a balance of at least 1400 USD (or equal value in other currency);
  • One original passport sized photograph
  • Copy of flight itinerary, to and out of Indonesia, specifying name of passenger, flight dates and numbers
  • Approval telex from Indonesian Immigration
  • A Sponsor Letter from the company / institution representative in Indonesia with a copy of his/her ID (KTP) attached (Provided by internship company)
  • Enrollment letter from your educational institution

Other important notes

  • The Embassy could only issue up to 60 (sixty) days visit visa
  • Type of entry : Single Entry
  • Visa is issued within 5 working days from receipt of application provided all documents are in order
  • Visas shall be used within 90 (ninety) days, calculated from the date of issuance

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