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About Jakarta Globe

Unlike the Post where the newsroom is arranged into desks, the Globe has a ‘wheel and hub model’ meaning the news editors’ desks are the hub surrounded by news desks. Interns are not ‘attached’ to a particular desk but pitch stories with one or two desk editors and then head off to write them. Building a relationship with a particular desk is useful. Past students have noted that it is helpful to get to know a few reporters and ask if you can help them with stories. In fact, get to know as many people as you can in the office as it is easy to blend into the background at The Jakarta Globe if you are lacking in confidence. You will not automatically be assigned stories so be sure to ask about them and pitch. Make sure you come in with story ideas (complete with background research) or it is easy to see the first week slide by without accomplishing very much. Talk to the Project Officer about possible story ideas. Trips to the field can either be in the company of other Globe reporters or independently. There are positives and negatives in the relative freedom of the position. It is great to be given opportunities to develop stories and watch how other reporters work, but occasionally interns may feel that they really don’t have a specific ‘place’ and are not fully utilised. Once again, it is important to use your own initiative and let all staff know that you are there. It is also worthwhile asking to sit in on editorial meetings to get a feel for how the paper works. Previous interns at the Jakarta Globe have been offered work there after they completed their internship.

Why Work with Us?

Come and join Jakarta Globe! We are currently looking for motivated student interns. The Jakarta Globe & BeritaSatu Media Holdings offer an excellent learning and experience opportunity for talented journalism students, content writers, commercial writers and reporters to come onboard and write in both English and Indonesian. You should have experience in writing for English-language publications and have a keen interest in Indonesia or Southeast Asia.

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Indonesia's first English-language news channel, presenting news about Indonesia and abroad on channels 2 and 505 for First Media subscribers in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Bali and on channels 5 and 555 for Big TV satellite subscribers nationwide.



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