Our Partners

Erasmus Training Center is a leading course provider for learning Dutch in Indonesia. This place has a valuable long history with various universities in the Netherlands and Indonesia in enhancing international student mobility.
At the ETC international students can now also take bahasa Indonesia language courses. Course participants come from all over Indonesia, but if you are an international student studying at an Indonesian university or doing an internship in Indonesia we provide a challenging environment. This place is not only an option to continue studying but is part of the community in the years to come.

Indotrainee is powered by Mekar. Mekar connects who wants to invest with small and medium sized businesses all over Indonesia looking for funding, in particular through its impact fund for investing in social & green SMEs.
Mekar is fully supported by Putera Sampoerna Foundation. Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) is a social business institution for Indonesia, founded by Putera Sampoerna. PSF is a funder of corporate social responsibility programs that promote quality education for high-achieving but underprivileged students, job creation through entrepreneurship development programs, public enlightenment through the empowerment of women, and the distribution of aid and relief programs.

Astronaut is a video-selfie (plus MCQ) Q&A interview platform (iOS & Android). Our application allows business leaders & HR teams to get to know candidates super fast, at scale, and give candidates more insight into your organization. Our focus is on Asia (including Australia) with a robust offering for emerging markets.
Astronaut is Indotrainee's technology partner and has implemented its Application and API on the internship portal because we believe that video-selfies will fundamentally change many business processes for the better. Together we make internship choice transparent, sourcing and screening candidates super-easy so that employers & candidates get to know each other fast.