Our Story

Indotrainee is the International Internship Choice Platform for Indonesia and the world. Our mission: “Empowering students to choose internships and launch careers.” How? By making internship choice transparent globally, starting in Indonesia. We help international and Indonesian universities with easier and more effective international internship solutions and students with finding the best employers.
We currently have a growing number of member universities. International Chambers of Commerce and Student Associations are our key partners in further developing our services, as well as informing students and employers about the assistance our portals can give them.
The following developments have driven the need and motivation to establish Indotrainee:
  • Indonesia’s emerging market and need for global ready graduates:
    "Already the 16th-largest economy in the world, the dynamic archipelago has the potential to be the seventh biggest by 2030, but it will need skilled HR to support this growth.” The McKinsey report Unleashing Indonesia's potential highlighted the mismatch between Indonesian graduates’ skills and employers’ requirements in terms of knowledge, experience, and work ethics.
  • Academic world is globalizing - universities and higher education institutions increasingly become intertwined and create international partnerships for educational exchange programs, double degree programs and international studies.
  • International Student Mobility is key - Students and researchers are encouraged and supported to relocate themselves to another university in another city or country when moving to a next level.

  • We found that there is no comprehensive internet source where international internships could be found and reviewed:
  • Not transparent – traditionally the internship mediation services are operated by commercial agencies that charge high fees for students upfront. Afraid of being by-passed by the student they can’t be
  • Offering is fragmented - because the large numbers of online internship agencies websites on the web, students can’t judge the quality of the agency;
  • For companies sourcing and screening matching internationally graduate candidates was a time consuming and strenuous activity.
  • Through our investigation on the topic and while running pilots, we have received many complaints from students that used commercial agencies and AIESEC internship exchange programs about lack of expectation management, lack of visa-information, which even got them into trouble with Indonesian immigration or left them to stay at home, or study in other countries.

  • We consider international study/work experience extremely valuable to students’ development. Through our portal we try to fill the information gap that hinders students from graduating and launching their international careers. On this mission, there’s still a lot of work to be done, but we are working enthusiastically and welcome cooperation with students and universities.