Empowering global ready students and grads to choose internships
and launch careers in Indonesia..

Indotrainee began as an initiative from the need for "international ready" student interns within a number of organizations in Jakarta. It was born out of frustration about the missing link between academies and industries and lack of transparency and information about regulations and internship positions offered existing internship platforms, and finally the total mismatch between academic skills required and offered.
In 2016 Indotrainee was born and proved to be a success placing interns among various industries. Soon after, we started growing our employer and academic networks and monitoring trends in student mobility. Today, Indotrainee works together with employers of all sizes, business associations in Indonesia and educational institutes across the globe enhancing student mobility by matching students with professional internships and fresh graduate jobs.
In 2018, Indotrainee grew from running pilots into an official independent organization serving international students to explore in-country study and internship programs and make an informed choice for future career.


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Meet the founders

Desy Larasati

Floris Graziosi
Senior Advisor

Theirry Sanders
Co-Founder & Senior Representative

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Who we are and why we do what we do
From the beginning, Indotrainee was founded to bring talent to Indonesia. It was, and still is, fuelled by a strong belief in the value of international experiences - both for the individual Indonesian and non-Indonesian students and for society.

Our mission and core values

Our partners

Indotrainee collaborates with both business, student and academic organizations in Indonesia and around the globe and we are proud of our meaningful partnerships.

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