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A one-time admin fee of 50 euro, we make money from employers.

Indotrainee is the number one platform for international graduate students to explore opportunities, receive advice, and get discovered by employers in Indonesia for internships, professional assignments and fresh grad jobs. What is Indotrainee and how does it work?

When you sign up, you’ll be prompted to fill out some information about yourself and your past experiences. Once this is completed you’ll then have access to a job board with internship positions, where you’ll see all available opportunities specifically curated for you, matched with your profile.

Using this Indotrainee profile, you can apply to opportunities within minutes. As part of your profile we encourage you to answer a few questions through our video app recording your own motivational clip. Say goodbye to lengthy applications that take forever to complete… boring CV’s that do not represent who your motivation and hello personal apply!

Indotrainee will invite you to an intake interview to discuss the next steps and strategy to get you connected with company representatives. The best part is, employers tell us what their non-negotiable qualifications are for applicants, so we only show you jobs that you’re qualified for. After you reach agreement with any employer, Indotrainee assists you with the administrative process for visa, tickets and other requirements.


You can suspend your Indotrainee account at any time by going to your "Account Settings".

Your information will only be public if you want it to be. The upside to allowing yourself to be "google-able"? When employers Google you, they won’t find your Facebook first, they’ll find your carefully curated, professional Indotrainee profile.

Everything from the large and famous (corporate) employers in Indonesia, multinationals to start-ups and small-medium enterprises! New jobs across all different industries are posted every day so make sure to keep checking in.

A profile picture is not mandatory, but according to industry standards it increases your chances of getting hired by 14x. Make sure you only upload a "smart casual" or "professional picture" as you have only one chance to make the first/ right impression.

You can upload a resume to your Indotrainee profile at any time by going to the "My Profile" section of your account.

You can edit most of the information in your Indotrainee profile at any time. To do so go the "My Profile" section of your account.

Indotrainee is a one-stop shop for applying to internships in Indonesia. Once you’ve filled out your profile and uploaded your application, all you have to do is find jobs that sound interesting to you. To apply to a specific job, simply click on the job card and carefully read the instructions. Then, just click the "apply" button!

Indotrainee is dedicated to reaching out to each and every company on the platform before a job is posted. Each job is supplied by the employer and personally vetted by the Indotrainee team. We can assure you that all posts are legit and comply with professional standards and indicated academic criteria.

The official language in Indonesia is "Bahasa Indonesia". At companies that are listed on Indotrainee we know that English is widely spoken but obviously it would make it a lot easier to break the ice with your direct colleagues if you learn a few words of Bahasa. Generally Indonesians speak better English than they will admit.

Right now, Indotrainee is available to students that attend universities around the globe looking for opportunities in Indonesia. We are working to expand to the ASEAN region soon!

Yes. Candidates from all nationalities can apply for jobs on Indotrainee.

There are three keys to success on Indotrainee...

  1. Make sure that your profile is thoroughly filled out and up to date. Employers will have access to your Indotrainee profile so you definitely want to put your best foot forward :)
  2. Apply, apply, apply! The job hunt is often a numbers game... so the more jobs you apply to, the more likely you are to get hired.
  3. Study up! Whether it’s asking the right questions at the end of the interview or making sure that you have a productive first week on the job.

After you apply for a position, you are required to plan your intake with an Indotrainee representative. Indotrainee introduce you to the relevant employer in question. In case the feedback is positive Indotrainee will connect you with the manager of the company directly to plan the interview (through Skype or What’s-App call) for further introduction and discuss further details. If an employer chooses to move forward with the hiring process, Indotrainee will start the administrative process.

To ensure that you only see opportunities that are specifically relevant to you, try narrowing the search a bit by taking advantage of the filters bar near the top of your "Jobs & Internships" dashboard!

Like in most countries in the world, internships are unpaid educational activities. Therefore companies are not allowed to provide you any form of salary during your internship. Your status is "student" and you will remain "student" during the internship; meaning that you will in no way be seen as an employee. Most companies do provide various allowances for accommodation, lunch, work related transportation and some pocket money.

After your application is received Indotrainee will contact you for planning an intake. Next steps are determined during the intake.

You will receive an email immediately after applying confirming that your application has been successfully submitted.

Right now, Indotrainee only posts job and internship opportunities... but we're always looking to help out in any way that we can and will gladly suggest sites where you CAN find scholarships. In the near future we will be able to promote scholarship information that will be helpful to you.